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Teeth Cleaning 

We are now introducing non-invasive teeth cleaning here's a little for you to know that's right no sedation, no more trips to the vets.


The toothbrushes are completely SILENT


non-vibrating and have a sterilising effect

They clean up to 12 mm deep below the gum line so not just where you can see but also where you can't

The water and the ultrasound waves kill all bacteria and impurities cleaning gently but very effectively

The toothbrushes are ultrasonic and work by the high-frequency waves that go through every single bristle and then the toothpaste which is the conductor for the ultrasound

This then makes millions of microscopic nano-bubbles that break down and soften the tartar

If this is something you are looking for please contact us sooner then later due to the high interest. This service will be in sessions due to seeing improvement as you have to give it time.


The first session includes your pooches very own toothbrush head which is for their use only and will include the first session this will be £30.

We recommend you bring your pooch in once a week after the first session for its next few if even needed. Sessions after will be £15.


One Session


Two Sessions


One Session


Two Sessions


One Session

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